Soft Drinks

Recognising the ever-changing lifestyles, greater consumer sophistication and the need for trust and good brand experiences, we developed a unionistic F&B corporate brand to establish a symbolic regional identity for our non-alcoholic beverage brands, many of which are leaders in the market.

Our slogan ‘Pure Enjoyment. Pure Goodness' epitomises F&N’s product offerings, which perpetuates our company’s commitment to meeting the health and wellness needs of consumers.

Consumers of all ages have come to love and enjoy our portfolio of beverages, including 100PLUS isotonic drinks, F&N NUTRISOY soya milk, F&N sparkling drinks, F&N ICE MOUNTAIN bottled water, F&N NUTRIWELL Asian drinks, F&N SEASONS Asian drinks and fruit teas, F&N FRUIT TREE  juice drinks and F&N  cordials. 

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100PLUS was conceived with the aim of promoting an active lifestyle. An isotonic drink, 100PLUS helps the body achieve hydration and electrolyte balance. It is specially formulated to help restore what the body loses in the course of the day. 100PLUS consists of a unique combination of carbohydrates (glucose and sucrose) and electrolytes (minerals) that helps transport nutrients into the body efficiently and provides an instant source of energy, allowing consumers to perform their best in their daily activities.

The Health Promotion Board of Singapore endorses 100PLUS  as a healthier choice beverage.

100PLUS is a mildly-carbonated beverage available in regular, Orange, Lemon Lime and Berry flavours. It is also available in a non-carbonated version as 100PLUS EDGE.

100PLUS family 2016



F&N NUTRISOY  is Singapore’s number one fresh soya milk which offers more than traditional soya milk. Endorsed by the Singapore Heart Foundation and Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice, F&N NUTRISOY ’s range of innovative soya milk is enriched with calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. It is made from the highest grade of non-genetically modified soya beans and uses zero preservatives or colourings to bring consumers natural quality goodness that they can trust.



F&N Sparkling Drinks

F&N Sparkling Drinks have been bringing smiles to people’s faces for generations and are still the preferred choice for consumers of all ages today.

Its wide range of flavours, namely Outrageous Orange, Cheeky Cherryade, Ice Cream Soda, Clearly Citrus, Sarsi, Groovy Grape, Flashy Fruitade and Zesty Zapple, ensures that there will always be a drink for every occasion.  In addition, F&N  Sparkling Drinks mixers, such as Club Soda and Tonic Water, are widely used by restaurants and clubs to complement their customers’ favourite drinks.   Not forgetting parties and gatherings, F&N also provides a range of cordials in all-time favourite flavours such as Orange Squash and Rose Syrup.


F&N Sparkling Drinks F&N Cordial


F&N ICE MOUNTAIN  is Singapore’s leading brand of bottled water. It is the trusted brand of pure drinking water, helping the body to restore its natural balance through replenishment.

F&N ICE MOUNTAIN  is the preferred choice for consumers who appreciate its pure and crisp taste that guarantees refreshment and hydration.




F&N NUTRIWELL, the only freshly brewed range of pasteurised Asian drinks in Singapore, uses only the finest quality traditional ingredients. All-natural, preservative-free and with reduced sugar,  F&N NUTRIWELL is truly homemade goodness made easy for everyone. It is also endorsed by the Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice.



F&N SEASONS has and will always provide consumers with a refreshing experience for their mind, body and soul. It also believes in the fundamentals of deriving goodness from natural goodness and innovatively promoting healthy well-being. 

Consumers are spoilt for choice at the variety of offerings under F&N SEASONS  black tea, with flavours such as Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Peach Tea and Ice Apple Tea, and F&N SEASONS  Ice Lemon Green Tea and Ice Passionfruit Green Tea, and F&N SEASONS  Asian Drinks with flavours such as White Chrysanthemum Tea, Barley Drink, Grass Jelly Drink, Winter Melon Tea and Water Chestnut Drink.

F&N SEASONS Asian Drinks


F&N FRUIT TREE  juice drinks are made from real fruit juices, fortified with vitamins without the preservatives. Enjoy goodness each day with a range of exciting flavours such as Orange with Sacs, Blackcurrant with Aloe Bits, Mango with Nata De Coco and Calamansi that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

F&N Fruit Tree Juice Drinks